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 carpet cleaning rancho santa feLavty Cleaning provides carpet cleaning for Rancho Santa Fe customers they need to get rid of pet stains and odors all over their homes! You probably clean up after your pet on a daily basis. That will help a lot when the time comes to call us, a carpet cleaner Rancho Santa Fe, CA has been trusting for years because of our commitment to excellence and the thorough nature in which we carry out every single job. You can do all the household chores – sweeping, vacuuming, upholstery spot cleaning – but you’re still going to need help from time to time getting rid of every sign of your pet from living and entertaining areas of your home.

Carpet and pets just don’t get along! Carpet cleaning Rancho Santa Fe often needs is to remove the dirt, hair and dander your pet leaves behind. Carpet is like a magnet for these substances, and once they’ve hit the surface, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to remove them with traditional cleaning methods and commercial equipment. Trust a professional like Lavty Cleaning to thoroughly clean your pet-friendly home or business.

Pet stains can be a real nuisance, especially since pets like to hide these things or they may happen while you are away from home. Rancho Santa Fe residents trust most often to remove pet stains from their carpet is Lavty Cleaning! My team and I have the experience to remove stubborn, set in stains in virtually any area of your home.

We recommend that you minimize the pet stain as soon as it happens if possible. This means blotting away wetness and removing solid pieces. Reacting quickly to a stain by doing these things will make our job a lot easier and faster, and it will give us a better starting point, so we can guarantee even better results!

Pet hair is another common issue in homes with indoor pets. Long hairs are easy to see on your clothes, upholstery and floors, but short-haired pets shed, too, and their hair can be much harder to see. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there, though! Vacuuming 3 or more times a week, including attachment cleaning the upholstery if the pets are allowed on the furniture, will keep this issue to a minimum. Beyond that, let carpet cleaning Rancho Santa Fe pet owners have depended on for year keep your home perpetually clean!

One of the things customers worry about when they call us is that the chemicals used to clean their carpets will be safe for their children and pets. When you choose Lavty Cleaning you can put those worries to rest! We are the carpet cleaner Rancho Santa Fe can trust to care for their carpet, hardwood, tile, and more with professional abilities, but we’ll also be mindful of your loved ones by using products that are 100% safe for them!


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