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     You may be wondering what professional carpet cleaning actually looks like. The processes used and the quality of work involved are the two major differences between cleaning your floors yourself and having a professional company like Lavty Cleaning handle the job for you!

     Every time you havcarpet cleaning fort mill SCe your carpets cleaned, you should get a few things. Thorough service and complete satisfaction are a given with any service company. If you aren’t getting these things, you should find another company to handle your carpet cleaning and other household services! Once you know that the company will do everything they can to ensure you get the best service possible, you should be looking for a carpet cleaner in Fort Mill SC, can depend on for the following things as well:

  • A complete inspection

When you need reliable cleaning services, be careful of companies that offer to come out and clean without some sort of inspection, even if it’s just a quick look before they get started. One thing you’ll always see with Lavty Cleaning is a team who will check out what kind of carpet you have and the stains that need to be removed before we ever unload the equipment.

  • Pre-treatment and preparation

At Lavty Cleaning, we’ve always believed in working smarter, not harder! Sometimes, the best thing you can do for stain removal is to pre-treat it properly. Once the right product has been applied and it’s been allowed to do its work for the appropriate amount of time,, removing the stains.

  • Spot and stain removal

When the pre-treatment has had a chance to work its magic, we’ll begin the stain removal process using careful extraction methods so that no trace of the stain is left behind, but also so that the upholstery doesn’t get bleached. We’re one of the only companies that does carpet cleaning Fort Mill SC can rely on for stain removal that’s known for getting even the toughest stains out of carpet and upholstery.

  • Extraction

Extraction is the only thing that most people think a carpet cleaners in Fort Mill SC residents request services from. No doubt, that’s the most important part of what we do. Hot water extraction is the most efficient way to get soap, dirt, and water out of your carpet fibers, all the way to the backing, without leaving a trace of these things behind.

  • A complete post-inspection

When extraction is finished, the job isn’t done yet. The Lavty Cleaning team makes sure that everything looks perfect before we pack up. When you call us for the carpet cleaning Fort Mill customers can’t stop talking about, you can be sure that we’ll leave your home or business as clean as we would want our own! Carpet cleaning Fort Mill SC customers can expect from my team are second to none in every area. We believe in giving customers the most efficient service and the best results that can be achieved. When we’re finished, you’ll see the difference and you’ll be anxious to schedule your next carpet, tile and grout or hardwood cleaning service!

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