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    Many people find that no matter how much scrubbing or household products they use, stains, dirt, and other contaminants continue to rob expensive tile work of its original polish.
Whether it exists in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in the home, this condition is pretty much unavoidable. Only a professional Tile and Grout Cleaning company is able to restore tiles and get lasting results.
LAVTY Cleaning uses the latest techniques to strip deeply embedded grime from walls, counter tops and floors, restoring their original beauty and luster. Grout and tile cleaning by professionals utilizing commercial grade equipment and products really makes a difference.

Carpet Cleaning Charlotte - LAVTY Cleaning Services As a caring homeowner, you regularly mop or similarly take care of your tile and grout. This is essential for maintaining your floor, but as your tile ages you will notice the grout lines getting darker. Chunks begin to pop out, and lines crack and run the length of the floor. Mopping can’t get it clean and you are just too tired to get down on your hands and knees to scrub it once more with bleach.


  • walk-through to visually pre-inspection to identify the type of tile: ceramic, porcelain or natural stone
  • carefully prepare your home or office for cleaning by moving any light/medium items off the floor
  • cover any stainless-steel appliances with plastic, put covers over vulnerable furnishings and corner guards
  • pre-vacuuming or sweep first in order to remove any small or loose items
  • spots and stains treatment, use different spotting solutions to increase chances of removal
  • pre-spray floor area with our 99% green cleaning product it will break down the oil and grease
  • scrub, brushing/agitation all tile and grout lines in order to loosen all dirt, soil and grease
  • use the power of steam and hot water extraction (truck mount or portable unit)  with high pressure and heat
  • neutralize, rinse tile with Ph balance product, remove all the water
  • concentrate on drying go over with hand towels to ensure there is no left over water
  • we set up the air movers for faster and completely dry tile&grout
  • post quality cleaning inspection to point out the results and satisfied with the job

At Charlotte Tile and Grout Cleaning we can save your hands and knees by using our high pressure Rotary extraction system, which is restorative and will improve the life of your floor. Over time the dirt and other debris tracked into your house can actually dissolve your grout. A great way to prevent this from happening is with professional restorative cleaning followed up with a good high quality sealant.

Grout Sealing

Sealing your tile and grout extends the life of your floor and keeps it looking good year round. Sealing grout keeps spills from becoming stains.

Our Testimonials:

Rosa Baker
Rosa Baker
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Wow, you can believe all the 5 star reviews. They answer the phone, quote a price right then and we're able to come the next day. I gave them short notice of cleaning needed due to pet accidents and they squeezed us in right away. I also received several coupons in the mail for other companies with "discount deals" but many of them didn't answer the phone and if they did, said the advertised "discount rates" were a base rate and the ultimate price will be higher. Vlad showed up on time and did an awesome job getting the dog urine, hair and dog slobber off our large sectional. White is not an easy task and he went over the couch several times to ensure I was satisfied. Fantastic job! It looks brand new again! Amazing service and prompt replies. No hassles with this company. I would recommend him to anyone!
Sonia Fletcher
Sonia Fletcher
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Absolutely amazing service! Vlad responded back to me with a quote before I could set my phone down. He also is available in the evenings after we work, making setting an appointment incredibly easy. His work is great and his work ethic even better. A totally great experience. From the first contact with Lavty to the finished job, everything was very professional. He is punctual, showed up on time, made my furniture and rugs look immaculate and was reasonably with his price. He had no issues helping me move my kitchen table and put up out my barking dogs! He solicited feedback along the way to make sure I was happy with the job. In summary, I feel as though I can't say enough good things about every aspect of Vlad's service. I will DEFINITELY be calling him back! You'd be crazy not to request a quote and see for yourself!
Carl Croteau
Carl Croteau
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The service you can expect is far more than what you pay for. You truly receive the utmost professionalism and respect you want from a service company. No over pricing or poor service with Lavty. 20 minutes before our appointment time, I received a text, just confirming that he was on his way. He arrived early, was very knowledgeable and made quick work of my home. They used corner protectors as they worked quickly and efficiently. No need to babysit this team. All smells and stains removed. My carpets look incredible and we didn't have to break the bank. You couldn't ask for more out of the owner and his team. Highly recommend to all looking for carpet/upholstery cleaning. Customers for life!
Philippe Gadeyne
Philippe Gadeyne
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Sometimes you come across businesses that wow you. Latvy Cleaning is one of them. We needed a professional carpet cleaning company to shampoo the carpets before moving out after 11 years. I had been shampooing them on my own on a regular basis but the high traffic areas are always tough, not to mention my office. Vlad and his wife came on time and on schedule and did a miracle job cleaning our carpets, the carpet looked better than when we moved in 11 years before. They are a friendly and hard working couple, they could have said, we did our best but... instead they did their best, spent more time than anticipated and did a first class job. They gave me a fair price, so fair, I felt compelled to pay more for the extra time and effort they put in and for the result. I cannot recommend them enough. Vlad, you rock
Mark V.
Mark V.
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I see why this company gets 5-star ratings! Vlad showed up to clean my carpets and did a fantastic job. The work was done quickly and professionally. There were some severely dirty/worn areas of the landing area at the bottom of my main stairs. Looks awesome now! I was able to book him on short notice and he worked with me in a way that made things really easy. Vlad made the experience effortless and stress free. Often people can be more eager to leave a bad review if they are not happy. But forgot to leave a good review when they are happy. I'm going to book Lavty again in a few weeks to do tile cleaning in my condo. THANK YOU!!!

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