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     Hardwood Cleaning Charlotte adds elegance and charm to your home. Over time, though, hardwood flooring accumulates scuffs and spots, becoming dirty. We understand the complexities associated with hardwood floor cleaning and why it’s important to properly seal and maintain hardwood floors. We use powerful Hardwood Cleaning Charlotte equipment to loosen dirt and mopping residue from within your floor. Our cleaning solution purges the floor of any remaining debris, before the dislodged dirt and the solution itself are vacuum away, and we follow up with a detailed hand cleaning for those hard-to-reach areas. After your hardwood floors are cleaned, we apply our fast-drying maintenance coat for a uniform sheen that helps to extend the life of your floor.

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Lavty Cleaning is a locally owned and operated company. We are your one stop spot for all of your Hardwood Cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs. We are extremely competitive and understand the value of building life long relationships with our customers. Once you use us, you will never have to find another carpet cleaning company again! Quality workmanship is guaranteed. Call today for a free estimate.
Lavty Cleaning provide all cleaning services at very cheap rate. Lavty Cleaning use of natural products for cleaning. Lavty Cleaning provides Carpet Cleaning service, Upholstery service, Tiles & Grouts Cleaning and hardwood Cleaning in Charlotte. Lavty Cleaning are best Cleaning Service Providers.
Lavty Cleaning is a locally owned and operated business specialized in cleaning services. We do all the cleaning work in your home removing, cleaning, and reinstalling your Carpets, Upholstery, Tiles & Grouts and Hardwood with in only a few hours. We provide these services Charlotte.

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