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Carpet Cleaning Tega Cay, SC

     When it comes to rugs there are few that can match the timeless beauty and elegance of those from the Orient, particularly Persia and India. A good quality rug like this can last generations. Many of them are valuable antiques. Their cleaning should not be left in the hands of amateurs due to the value of these rugs. So how do you choose who to entrust your rugs to?

We can assure you when it comes to understanding the processes of cleaning such costly items that we are beyond compare.

So how does Tega Cay LAVTY Cleaning tackle the delicate task of rug cleaning?Carpet Cleaning Tega Cay

     The procedure begins with a thorough inspection of every detail of your rug so that we know its origins and have some understanding of the materials, which were used in its construction. This enables us to make sure that anything we do will not cause any damage or affect the original colors, etc.

We are completely open about what we do and the procedures that we use and we are happy to explain them to you in detail before we start. Usually we are able to clean the area rug in your own home, or we may collect your area rug from your home, clean it, and then deliver it safely back to you.

     Our techniques for dealing with area rug cleaning, is a little more complex. Our LAVTY Cleaning experts will begin by preparing the rug for cleaning by giving it a thorough vacuum and pre-conditioner treatment. This softens any dirt and other debris that is lodged in the rug’s fibers. Any stains and other marks are then dealt with by applying a spotting solution. The last stage is to use a cleaning solution that has been specially prepared for the rug to clean deep down where most cleaning agents would not penetrate. A final rinse and dry follows, resulting in a rug that is as clean as only a professional service like ours can achieve.

Hopefully the information in the above paragraphs will have convinced you that we are among the best of the businesses who are involved in rug cleaning in San Diego. Our aim is to return your rugs to as near new condition as it is possible to achieve. Nobody will put in as much effort into this cleaning as we do.

Please contact LAVTY Cleaning – Carolina Carpet, Hardwood, Upholstery, Tile Cleaning today to discuss your rug cleaning needs. We are one of the best Area Rug cleaners in Charlotte and we would like to have the opportunity to provide the offer to you. 

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