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Carpet cleaning services in Charlotte

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Home is the best place on earth – at least, it should be so. Try to restore it if for some reason it is not cozy any longer. The service of organic LAVTY Cleaning in Charlotte is the first step to your incredible home.
Residential services of our company will care about the clean and safe house for you and your family. The problems of your home will not distract you as you apply to the team of professionals who provide high-quality LAVTY cleaning.
Every inch of your house will be thoroughly cleaned with the best remedies. Cleaning products can destroy about 99% of bacteria and germs. You are provided with a chance to make your house environmentally clean. Though this is a challenging task, it can be easily fulfilled with natural organic cleaning products. LAVTY cleaning service uses eco-friendly ways to clean the house. Ordering organic LAVTY cleaning you can be sure that harmful chemical formulas that include dyes, fragrances are not used. We choose cleansers based on natural ingredients as toxic substances cannot be used for it. Using LAVTY Cleaning has earned the reliable reputation already, so it is your turn to try our service.

Deodorizing treatment in Charlotte

Deodorizing service in Charlotte NC is in great demand among users. Many unpleasant odors occur in the household for different reasons. Interior spaces can be smoky or stale and even if it is very clean inside the smell can drive people crazy and make the place unbearable to work and rest in. Deodorizing is important for business accommodation too. It always produces favorable and neat impression on the clients and partners. The room always looks fresh when there is a pleasant fragrance in it. Use it in the lobby, restroom, office, hallway etc.
When deodorizing is performed by LAVTY Cleaning service, it is always done with a sense of measure. Our experts know that strong and low-quality perfumes used to cover up some smells should not be used. The professionals resort to formulations of different fragrances to deliver deodorizing in Charlotte. Though slightly noticed, the pleasant odor you feel will enhance your mood and your quality of life. Sometimes deodorizing is done not for the sake of nice odor only. Technicians can prepare the product that prevents the situation when you have to remove the urine of the dog from the carpet. Order the complete cleaning service with deodorizing in LAVTY San Diego. If you want to try the efficacy of our service, we are ready to help to our customers living in South Charlotte Area.

Carpet cleaning services in Charlotte

Everyone will agree that carpets are the face of the house, and carpet cleaning is absolutely necessary to create a special cozy atmosphere. However, these advantages come along with higher carpet cleaning budget and time requirements. When it comes to carpet cleaning, some firms push prices into the stratosphere. We, on the other hand, offer a reasonable balance of quality and affordability. Using effective carpet cleaning solutions and optimized processes, we successfully remove dirt, food stains, traces of human and animal activities and spots of chemical origin, no matter how deep and old they are. All stain removers and carpet shampoos we use for carpet cleaning are toxic-free and harmless to human health and fabric quality. After going through our carpet cleaning process, your carpet will be completely clean and pleasant to the touch. Our carpet cleaning techniques are completely harmless to all fabrics. LAVTY Carpet Cleaning provides both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

Rug cleaning Charlotte

Every rug has an individual design and requires a different approach. We specialize in canvas, silk and wool rug cleaning and have a lot of experience with exotic rugs. We’ll put your rug through a comprehensive rug cleaning process to remove coffee stains, dirt and odors. Our highly efficient, toxic-free carpet shampoos and up-to-date rug cleaning procedures will gently separate the molecules of the foreign substance from the rug surface without affecting its structure or color. We offer the best rug cleaning in South Charlotte Area at a really affordable price.

Charlotte upholstery cleaning service

Upholstered furniture is the centerpiece of every household and therefore requires frequent upholstery cleaning. We bring soil and bacteria on our clothes and feet, shed hair, drop crumbs and multiply stains. Dirt and dust flourishes in the vicinity of the sofa as nowhere else, and regular upholstery cleaning is a must.
LAVTY Cleaning powerful sofa cleaning solutions detect and remove dirt in the deepest layers of your sofa skin and padding, giving it a fresh and beautiful look. We provide upholstery cleaning for various fabrics, including canvas, velvet, suede and silk. The upholstery cleaning agents we use don’t react with the surface of the upholstery and retain the original feel of even the most fragile material.

The Best Rug Cleaning in Charlotte

Rugs help to create a truly unique atmosphere in every home, filling it with coziness and giving it a special touch. Owning a rug may seem like a luxury, and indeed, rug cleaning is fairly expensive and selecting a service to clean your rug requires a thoughtful approach. The more extravagant your rug, the more cautious you have to be while making your pick. Luckily, with LAVTY rug cleaning offered in Charlotte Area, you have to look no more.
We hire only the best professionals who are truly dedicated to bringing you the best of cleaning services. Check us out and you will get your beautiful rug back with all foreign odors and stains gently removed from it, at a reasonable price. We provide the best services available in rug cleaning and offer special discounts to our loyal customers.

Affordable cleaning for all types of rugs

We specialize in rugs manufactured from the finest fabrics, including rugs made from silk, canvas, wool, and various exotic materials. We offer affordable rug cleaning in Charlotte, with prices that will please the thriftiest customer. Furthermore, our personnel is trained in cleaning all types of rugs.
100% safe solutions and delicate technique

You will be impressed by LAVTY Cleaning gentle and delicate technique, which helps to leave the finest fabric grids in the rug intact. This is especially important for hand-made rugs, and antique exemplars. LAVTY rug cleaning employs only the best cleaning utensils and non-toxic solutions, which are 100% safe to use.
Not only do we boast an obscenely low range of prices, but we also have a lot of experience in rug cleaning, including working with all types of stains. We use only the highest-efficiency shampoos to bring your rug back to its brand-new state. Our routine of procedures is well-established, so you may have your rug back the same or the following day for 99% of clients.
Individual approach to rug cleaning
With every one of our customers, we strive to attend to their wants and satisfy their individual needs. We are able to offer discounts on bulk orders, and clients who do repeat business with us receive deals and specials. Persian and antique rug cleaning requires more time, and so do rugs with heavier stains and much soiling. Our objective is to maintain the structure and natural tint of the rug while bringing it a look that would be shinier than ever.

LAVTY Cleaning: better than competitors

We are proud to bring you the best rug cleaning available in Charlotte. Whether you are a lucky owner of a luxurious rug, or a really simple one, you’ve probably already figured out how hard it is to find an organic rug cleaning service that would be inexpensive and high-quality at the same time. Our cleaning solutions do not leave any toxic remnants, so you can be 100% sure that you and your loved ones are safe.

Flexible pricing on professional rug cleaning

Our pricing is very flexible, with higher fees charged for silk, hand-made, antique, and wool rug cleaning, and lower ones for Chinese and Indian rugs. You may be sure that the result will surpass your boldest expectations when it comes to professionalism and price rates alike. We are always in the process of searching for more affordable green rug cleaning solvents; hence our prices are ever-dropping. You can ask our loyal customers, and they will admit that the price has in fact dropped for some types of cleaning services, including antique and Persian rug cleaning, over the years. This is because we have been able to find cheaper and more cost-effective, yet gentle and efficient cleaning shampoos. We are also constantly improving our antique and hand-made rug cleaning procedures, and have been able to optimize our rug cleaning process so that it reflects in the price as well. If you shop around, you are unlikely to find a better option available among Charlotte rug cleaning businesses.

Working with honor and integrity

We do a really great job of cleaning your rug, and we do it because we love it. A well-established Charlotte rug cleaning business, we employ only the best professionals to do the job. If you are still unsure whether you can devote your beloved Indian rug to LAVTY rug cleaning professionals, you should check us out and you’ll never look into other options again. We are committed to providing you the most comfortable and quick rug cleaning service possible.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Does your tile or grout need attention? Does your tile or grout have mold or darker areas? Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, let LAVTY Cleaning help you maintain that image that is so vital to all of your house guests, clients, or employees. Blackened tile that is supposed to be white doesn’t always leave the best impression, especially when you’re in the health and wellness industry. With LAVTY Cleaning advanced systems we can strip your floors down and gloss them to make them shine once again giving your visitors a feeling of sanitation or cleanliness that helps them want to come back for more.

It may be easy to look at your grout day after day and not really notice how dirty it looks, but once you have grout cleaning done, you will be astounded at how dirty your grout really was. With LAVTY Cleaning’s tile & grout services, we can ensure that your home looks great for the company and for yourself. You want to keep your home looking clean, and grout cleaning is one way that you can accomplish this. Not only that, professional grout cleaning can actually add value to your home, and you can get even more money for your home than you thought.

At LAVTY Cleaning, we believe that it is always a good idea to make sure your ceramic tiles look their best through proper cleaning, care, and maintenance. When they need professional attention, whether your tiles are on your floor, wall or countertop, you can count on LAVTY Cleaning to make them look as lovely as the first day you laid eyes on them. We recommend using a sealer on your grout after it has been cleaned. This extra layer of protection seals the grout, making it resistant to spills and stains, and easier to clean in the future – keeping the grout and the surface looking clean longer. Call us today 980-585-5585 for free estimates!

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