How do we clean carpets?

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How do we clean carpets?

How do we clean carpets?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, South Charlotte Area has a number of companies to choose from. We believe that our processes and experience in using them rank us with the best. Our cleaning process has two stages. The first step is to prepare the carpet by applying an agent, which softens all the dirt and debris that is lodged deep within the fibers. An extraction process then removes all the loosened grime and stains. Our cleaning agents will be removed from your carpets leaving no residue or smells.
To complete the procedure, one of our carpet-cleaning experts will use a brush specially created for the job to go over the entire carpet raising the nap and helping it to look like new.

Do we have to move all the furniture before you arrive?

Our policy at LAVTY Carpet Cleaning company is to make things as easy as possible for you. We only ask that you move the small items, particularly breakables, prior to our arrival. The larger, heavier items can be moved when we arrive. We will help you with this at no extra charge. Any furniture that stays in the room will be protected by being placed on plastic tags or blocks.
I’ve heard that having carpets and rugs cleaned makes them less resilient to dirt.
This won’t happen after cleaning by us. It will happen if the carpet is cleaned with a shampoo and steam method as there will be a residue of the cleaning materials left in the carpet. This residue holds any subsequent dirt or soiling and eventually it will turn dark, making the carpet look soiled again. After process our LAVTY Carpet cleaning experts use, leaves your carpets and rugs completely free of any residue to prevent dirt buildup.

Are spot stains and high traffic areas dealt with?

Yes. The person in charge of your job will pre-treat any areas such as these. There is no additional cost for this.

Does your service deal with carpet odors?

Yes, we do. This is not a simple process because some odors are worse than others, but we assure you we are professionals and are highly successful in removing these odors. Often the effectiveness of our standard cleaning procedures is enough to get rid of odors that are just on the carpet surface. For deep-seated odors we will go right to the cause. The cause may be the carpet padding or even the floor itself. In these cases we will deal with the problem at the source. Whatever the nature of the odor we can handle it.
We have brown stains on a carpet caused by water leaks. Can you remove them?
Yes. These stains are caused by the minerals that exist in the water. We have specific remedies for these stains and can remove them entirely.
Have you any advice for keeping a carpet looking good between professional cleanings?
The best advice we can give is to vacuum your carpets twice a week at the minimum and you will be able to extract about 90 per cent of any dirt and debris. Deal with any spills immediately as they occur.

We hope that the answers given above will be of some help to you. Don’t forget that we also have our LAVTY upholstery cleaning unit to help you with furniture and fabrics cleaning as well as your carpets and rugs. Please don’t wait to give us a call 980-585-5585 if you have a problem or just need advice. For top quality carpet cleaning, Charlotte area has no equal to our company and we are happy to help you at any time. Remember that some problems can be harder to fix if you wait!

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