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LAVTY Cleaning – Best Carpet Cleaning Service San Diego

LAVTY Cleaning – Best Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

While pets bring fun and joy to a family, unfortunate dog and cat urine accidents can leave the home with a less than desirable pet odor.

It is very important to completely clean the affected area and remove all odor, otherwise the pet will be likely to revisit the same spot over and over, resulting in more mess and frustration.
Because pet odors are very pervasive, these steps may not be sufficient to completely remove the stain and odor. Any remaining odor is likely to tempt the pet to visit that spot repeatedly, so a visit from a professional carpet cleaner who can remove the odor entirely is highly recommended to avoid additional pet stains and odors.

LAVTY Cleaning have mentioned a couple of times the need for quick remedial action when dealing with pet odor. Remove all traces of urine and give us a call to discuss the problem. Often all that will be needed will be a thorough clean of the area and all traces of odor and stain will be gone. However, if you have a larger problem, using our professional services is really the only solution.
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