LAVTY Pet Odor Removal

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LAVTY Pet Odor Removal

LAVTY Pet Odor Removal

If you own a pet there is a good chance that your home will suffer from pet smells of some kind. Often, because you are used to it, you don’t really notice the smells yourself but you can be sure that any visitors will. We are a leading San Diego pet odor removal business and we are experts at getting rid of all pet odors and stains.

How do we go about pet smell removal?

First of all we have to consider the cause of the problem. In the vast majority of homes the pet odor comes about from urine which has penetrated the fibers of the carpets and has not been adequately removed. Very often this sort of pet odor can be dealt with using our powerful carpet cleaning techniques and no more needs to be done. This emphasizes the need to deal with any accidents as soon as they happen as it is much more difficult to treat old stains and odors.

There are times when the urine has managed to soak through the carpet to the padding and then to the wood of the floor; it can even penetrate a concrete substrate. To make matters worse, the longer the urine is left there is an opportunity for the growth of bacteria. This creates its own problems when it comes to pet stain removal as there is the possibility of a permanent alteration to the colors in a carpet.
This scenario requires the knowledge and experience of our experts. We have been dealing with pet odor removal for some time. As well as cleaning each layer that is affected by the odor we will neutralize the urine to prevent any further contamination.

What about pet stain removal?

Even the best-trained pets can have an “accident” and leave some urine on your best carpet. The first thing to do is treat the area as soon as possible. If left the urine will become alkaline and could react with the dyes in upholstery fabric or carpet fibers. If this happens the removal of any stains may not be possible as the colors in the material will have been permanently altered.
This is one reason why the successful removal of pet stains can’t be guaranteed but we will be happy to advise you on this and tell you what is possible.

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