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LAVTY Cleaning – Oriental Rugs Cleaning

LAVTY Cleaning – Oriental Rugs Cleaning

oriental rug cleaning

oriental rugs cleaning

There’s no question about it. Oriental rug cleaning in Charlotte can be a real pain in the neck at times. If you own the necessary equipment – which is highly doubtful – it’s not easy to find the time to actually clean the rugs. You lead a busy life and other pressing matters shortly need to be taken care of.
And speaking of equipment… Who owns rug cleaning equipment anyway? If you aren’t a professional cleaning service like we are at LAVTY Cleaning then it’s highly doubtful you’d invest hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars into the necessary equipment needed to get the job done.
But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your rugs when they get dirty. People are constantly walking on them and tracking dust and dirt. Your kids will spell soft drinks and juice and stains will accumulate without you even realizing it. This looks ugly and takes away from the beauty of your home.

Let LAVTY Cleaning Service come to the rescue!

We offer two options to fulfill your rug cleaning needs. They are:

We come to your home and bring all of the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to clean the rugs at your place of residence. Many customers find this to be the easiest and most convenient method of rug cleaning.

We also come to your home, take a look at the rugs and make preparations so that we can move it to our local cleaning facility. Once moved, we will work our magic and remove all of the tough dirt and stains accumulating on your beautiful rug and restore it to its once pristine condition.

It really doesn’t matter which method you choose. Both ultimately end up with a beautifully cleaned rug. You have to choose the cleaning method that works best for you. That’s the main thing that you must consider.

Free In-Home Estimates!

There’s no question that LAVTY Cleaning is the best in the South Charlotte area when it comes to oriental rug cleaning. We go above and beyond to take care of our customers and we have an excellent reputation. Our past customers will gladly attest to this.

So here’s what we can do…

If you give us a call today 980-585-5585 we can provide price quotes over the phone for deep cleaning services. And we will gladly come right to your house and perform a free in-home estimate.

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