Pets Odor Cleaning Services

Pets Odor Cleaning Services

Pets Odor Cleaning Services – Carpet Steam Cleaning

When dealing with pet messes that leave a strong pungent odor lingering throughout your home, you`re probably going to need a service a little more in-depth than a standard deep steam cleaning. That`s where our subsurface cleaning process comes in to play.

What makes this process different than a standard deep steam cleaning is the need to get down to the padding that resides underneath the carpet itself. When dealing with pet stains and odors we have to be able to get to the padding underneath the carpet which is where the odor lives. When a pet urinates on certain areas of carpet, the urination will actually seep down through the carpet and begin to saturate the padding. Once it has saturated the padding the urine will begin to crystalize. When the urine crystalizes itself into the padding your left with that terrible odor that just seems impossible to get rid of. That’s where we come in.Cleaning Services in Charlotte

What exactly is a subsurface cleaning?

The first step is to locate the affected area and mark it off.

Once we have located the area of concern we actually flood that particular area with a mixture of water and our special solution made specifically for odor and stain removal.
When flooding the area, the excess of fluid will allow our specific odor and stain removal solution to pass through the carpet and saturate itself into the padding.
Once the padding is saturated, we let it sit for a short time. While we wait, the solution is actually breaking the crystalized contaminants back down into liquid form.
Now that the odor causing contaminants have been broken down to a liquid, we can go over the affected area with a specialty tool that works in line with our professional truck mounted units. The specialty tool will help to provide maximum suction so the water and solution can be sucked up, taking along with it those nasty, odor causing contaminants.
The last step is to perform our standard deep steam clean on the area. The final result will be a nice, clean and decontaminated area of carpet!

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