Professional Upholstery Cleaner in Charlotte

Professional Upholstery Cleaner in Charlotte

Professional Upholstery Cleaner

Did you know that Upholstery and furniture sees more traffic than a carpet floor? Upholstery cleaning is required yearly at the very least! There can be such build up that you don’t even know about! People eat on it, sit on it, and sleep on it. All of these factors cause there to be dirt, allergens, etc.! Think about the last time you really had your furniture cleaned. You might clean it daily or weekly, but is it really cleaned in between the cracks?

With LAVTY Upholstery cleaning will eliminate odors, dust, and dirt that have built up over time. We promise with the Upholstery cleaning, we will get rid the filth in the furniture that you just can’t see! LAVTY Cleaning Charlotte also provide carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and area rug cleaning.

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Furniture isn’t cheap so we know how important it is to really be efficient with cleaning your upholstery. We ensure that our technicians are professional and will get the upholstery cleaning job done right! You will have cleaner and well-improved upholstery once we have the cleaning done for you! It can be done within a few hours and you can go back to your normal life.
LAVTY Upholstery Cleaning is different than our competitors because we spray your furniture after the cleaning so that it maintains its clean state of mind and is invisible to fibers. It is important to have upholstery cleaning done almost every twelve months depending on your needs. If you have a bad case of allergies it is recommended that you get it done twice a year.
Sometimes you will want to get it done two-three times a year if you have pets or children we might offer other products or extended needs. Sometimes pets can leave an odor or stain on furniture. Kids can smash food, crayons just about anything into the furniture. No worries, LAVTY Cleaning will provide you with the perfect upholstery cleaning for you and bring it back to an almost brand new state of mind.

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