Professional upholstery cleaning in Charlotte

Professional upholstery cleaning in Charlotte

One of our cleaning services – professional upholstery cleaning.

From sofas to ottomans, sectionals to chairs, if the upholstery can be steam cleaned, we can do it!
Our upholstery cleaning process is similar to our deep steam carpet cleaning process. It all starts with our high grade, industrial truck mounted units which provide water heat ap to 250 degrees and up to 2.500 PSI followed up by a vacuum that can suck up to 700 CFM.

LAVTY Cleaning begins the process by using our pre-spray attachment in connection with our truck-mounted unit to lightly spray our specialty upholstery solution on the furniture. Areas that are more heavily soiled will require a bit more solution.

pofessional upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Once we let the specialized pre-spray settle in we come through with our top of thr line upholstery cleaning tool that is used in line with our truck mounted unit. With the upholstery tool we turn the water pressure down quite a bit as this helps to keep the cushions and wood frame from becoming over saturated.
The upholstery tool blasts the fabric with high heat water, which helps to flush the pre-spray out of the furniture taking along with it any dirt, dust, pollen, hair or other contaminants that have been loosened up by the pre-spray.

After we have completed the cleaning, we then put a couple of industrial air movers on the piece of furniture to helps reduce the drying time.
Combining our top of the line equipment with our trained, experienced, IICRC Certified technicians, and our company`s dedication to providing the highest of quality cleaning and customer service leaves you with the best possible results! Try like new next time you have some upholstery cleaned and LAVTY Cleaning in Charlotte guarantees you won`t regret it! At like new, we work for you! Call us 980-585-5585

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