Tile and Grout Cleaning – Lavty Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning – Lavty Cleaning

LAVTY Cleaning provides Tile and Grout Cleaning in Charlotte Area.

Tile is typically beautiful flooring that seems fairly easy to maintain. However, even with normal cleanings that involve sweeping and moping, your beautiful tile flooring will eventually need a deep steam cleaning.

Over time the tile itself can become scuffed as well as collect hard to get rid of dirt and grime in it`s tiny crevices across it`s surface. The grout is a pourous substance which itself can provide plenty of opportunity for mold, bacteria, dust and other contaminants to real dig itself down into any openings it can. Unfortunately, standard sweeping and moping will not remove all of these contaminants.LAVTY Cleaning Services - Charlotte Carpet, Hardwood, Upholstery, Area Rugs and Tile Cleaning Services

Our process is a deep steam cleaning across the tile and grout. Our IICRC certified technicians are able to give you the best possible cleaning results attainable. Our technicians use a specialty tile and grout tool that works in line with our professional grade, industrial truck mounted units, which provide water temperature up to 250 degrees and pressure up to 2.500 PSI, which along with cleaning those deep-rooted contaminants helps to sanitize your surface as well. There`s no need to worry about excess water, as our specialty equipment will also vacuum up the finished water with a vacuum up to 700 CFM, which will take the contaminants with it.

Once your tile and grout is nice and freshly steam cleaned, we can also provide a grout sealing service. This process has us applying a specialized sealant to your beautifully cleaned grout. Once the sealant is properly applied, it will help to prevent the contaminants that dig themselves into the pores of your tile and grout from returning. Our technician would be more than happy to give you a demonstration of how well the grout sealant works.

All types of floor require some form of regular maintenance. Let us provide you with the highest quality tile and grout services possible and you will love the results.

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