Where high quality cleaning services meets your budget

Carpet and Tile Cleaning Charlotte

Where high quality cleaning services meets your budget

LAVTY Cleaning Services

LAVTY Cleaning is a private company engaged in providing complete carpet cleaning services in the areas around South Charlotte NC and Fort Miil SC, Indian Land SC.
As a business company, it is our main thrust to give our customers the service satisfaction when it comes to carpet cleaning through delivering superb quality of work to our clientele.

LAVTY Cleaning is committed in providing the latest innovations in fabric and fiber care and protection, ensuring our customers’ carpets and rugs to reach their maximum life span.

LAVTY Cleaning Services is a carpet cleaning certified therefore, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your work is only dealt by the most qualified carpet cleaners in Charlotte.LAVTY Cleaning Services - Charlotte Carpet, Hardwood, Upholstery, Area Rugs and Tile Cleaning Services

What Customers Know About Carpets:

Carpets are great add-ons to the aesthetic view of our homes etc.
They are made from different types of fabrics. The most common are the following: wool, polypropylene, nylon.
Carpets have practical usage such as: help reduce noise, prevent Falls and Slips. protect floors from scratches
Hold warm air, among others
What Customers DO NOT Know About Carpets
Not all carpets and rugs can be treated by using the same cleaning solutions and formulas. Cleaning preparations and procedures may vary depending on the type of fabric carpets and rugs are made of
Just like humans, they also need protection. Fabric and Fiber Protection should be done to make every carpet and rug looks good and lasts long. “Root-level Cleaning” is imperative at least once a year to ensure that harmful microorganisms, deep-seated dirts and stains are removed. Doing this will, in effect, prolong the life of the carpet.
Our customers can count on us for a quick and efficient result to their various carpet cleaning needs. We do not just say our claim; we see to it that we have it delivered beyond customers’ expectation. For other carpet cleaning requirements, please contact us through our numbers and our warm customer service representatives will be delighted to answer your queries.

Our efforts are not only limited to bringing a comprehensive carpet cleaning services to homes and apartments. LAVTY Cleaners has reached businesses and other facilities to date to ensure that every need is attended to and that proper measures are given to address them.

Our Treats to Our Valued Customers
We know that the quality of service is the reason why more and more customers of LAVTY Cleaning are coming to us. We felt deeply indebted to them for their continued patronage; hence, this is our way of paying them back with our little goodies. Our customers may enjoy any of these depending on their availability.
Promotional Codes and Coupons
Seasonal Discounts
Privileges for Frequenters

Plus, customers like you can ask for a quote or estimate. May I stress it- this is for FREE.

Why Choose Us?

We know that a number of business companies have risen to vie for your patronage. Here are the reasons why LAVTY Cleaning remains the ultimate choice of the many.

– Committed. We do not just accept service orders just for the sake of accepting them and gaining some considerable amount of money. We believe that being in this industry is not just for mere profiteering purpose. We believe that being able to do the work that others find difficult and sometimes impossible to do is a noble means of extending a hand to those who need it. When the cleaning gets tough, we do not just stop and give our excuses. We challenge them and we fulfill what we have promised.
Results-Driven. Giving up is never our way of settling carpet problems. We exhaust all methods available just to get the desired outcome. We only quit when the best resolution is finally achieved and quality of work is met. We do not settle for “good” and “okay” outcomes. It should be excellent.

Complete Carpet Cleaning. Just like your regular one-stop shop, our cleaning services cover the smallest tasks to the herculean ones. We accept them and own the responsibility.
Trained and Trusted Staff. We do not just hire carpet cleaners. We hire the highly skilled and the most competent. Our men undergo regular trainings to ensure that they are updated with the latest trends and innovations as well as the techniques in the carpet cleaning industry. Aside from this, work attitude is also a major consideration in our selection of people. We want to ensure our customers that only the hands of our trusted crew handle the jobs at their home, office, etc.
State of the Art Equipment. We understand that cleaning products and solutions alone would not suffice it, thus, we use the most advance technology available to do the cleaning done, preen and tidy.
Affordability. We do business the way business should be done. We do not overprice. Our rates are reasonable and competitive to the current market value.
Fast Resolution. We act on every service order ASAP. That is, we respond to our customers’ carpet cleaning concerns, on-time with no delays.

Why Act Now

There are numerous reasons why procrastination will not do well to you and your carpets. We all know that stains and dirts when left unattended for extended periods of time make the job too laborious. Penetrating them to their “root levels” may not only mean exerting much time and effort but may also mean spending more money. We know that with most companies, the more the tasks become hard, the more the rates go high. But, this is not always the case to us.

Also, we all know that microorganisms that may house to spoiled and messed up carpets can proliferate heavily in just few times, leaving residues that are hard to scrape, and may pose damage to the carpets’ fabric. We always anchor on the belief, “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. Yes, a timeworn proverb, indeed. But, it does not mean it is not true. Act now, or tomorrow you will be sorry. Leave your worries to our professional Cleaners and we will do the caring for you.

Our Service Men

We know that chores like these are never easy especially when stains are due to enzymes and the likes. But, then and again, no job is too big for LAVTY Carpet Cleaning. Why? The reason is simple. No matter how gargantuan the problem is, as long as you know and you have the solution, then everything will run as placid as ABC. Our men are licensed in carpet cleaning. Not only do they have the technical expertise but they also have the heart and the care for our customers and their properties. We boast of our men’s integrity when it comes to promptness, respectfulness, and concern.

Our Cleaning Practices

We employ the latest methods in carpet cleaning. To name a few, we have:

Bonnet Cleaning
Carbonated Cleaning
Hot Water Extraction
Truck Mounted

Our Cleaning Products

With LAVTY Carpet Cleaning Services, we support the utilization of eco-friendly products, thus, we only use those approved to be safe and hazard-free, not only to us humans but also to Mother Earth. We pay much attention to the strength of the chemicals used in every solution, having in mind also the welfare of your kiddies and loved ones.

Our Promise, Your Guarantee

Often we hear the saying, “Promises are made to be broken”, no, not with us. LAVTY Carpet Cleaning takes our promises seriously. We tell our customers what they need to know and what actions are necessary to do the job done. We are upfront yet courteous. We do not give false hopes, too. We believe that honesty and sincerity are the key elements in establishing and maintaining a healthy business transaction. And that is why many of our satisfied customers vouch for the quality of our service.

Should you decide to avail of our services, just give us a heads up.
Contact Us at: 980-585-5585

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